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Our Partner For Live Auctions

Our partner, Liveauctioneers, is a Live Auction platform that brings an international audience of millions to the heart of the bidding action in Art, antiques, Jewelry and Collectibles auctions across the globe.


Auction Platforms

This new technique has revolutionized the auction world.

Simple and efficient, it allows you to bid “live”, i.e. in real time, from your home.

In order to take advantage of this service, we invite you to register with our partner in order to participate in our live auctions. Just click on their logo below and register, it is FREE!


Register With Our Partner

1. Create Your Free LiveAuctioneers Account

Signing up for your free LiveAuctioneers account is easy, secure, and FREE! Once you’ve completed your profile on LiveAuctioneers, you can begin participating in our online auctions, saving items and following searches. (Note: your information is private and secure. Any credit card information added to your LiveAuctioneers account will not be shared with us or any other auction houses.)


Register For Our Auction

2. Register for our Auction

To actively bid on one of our auctions on LiveAuctioneers, you must register first by clicking ‘Register for Auction’ on the catalog and item pages. You may also place absentee bids in advance of the auction time, which doubles as registration requests if you’re not already approved.

We approve most registrations within 24 hours. It is best to register early in case we require additional information from you to complete the registration. Once approved, any absentee bids you may have placed will be active.

Place Your Bids

3. Place Your Bids

PLEASE, before you bid, be sure to review our shipping and payment policies to avoid any surprises. Also be sure to take note of the auction’s live bidding start time. This is when live bidding begins, starting with the first lot in the auction.

There are two ways to bid:

Absentee bidding
You can place absentee bids in advance of the live auction. Our hassle-free absentee bidding system ensures you get the best prices. Be sure to submit your maximum bid amount before the live auction begins. Your bid stays at the lowest minimum amount required to keep you in the lead, and increases (up to your max amount) only if another bidder places a competing bid.

Live bidding
Your chances of winning are three times greater when you bid during the live auction. Live auctions begin at the time indicated on catalog and item pages. To bid live, simply visit our catalog or one of our lots at the indicated auction time, and click ‘Enter Live Auction’. You will be taken to the bidding console where the live auction is taking place.


Try The Free App

You may also d try downloading the Liveauctioneers 5-star mobile app for iOS and Android so you can bid anytime, anywhere. Mobile alerts also notify you when your item is coming up for auction so you never miss an important bid!

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